Ursula Mascaro

Ursula Mascaro was born into a family dynasty of shoe designers in her native Menorca read more
Her grandfather Jaime Mascaro started his career by making made to measure, high quality ballet shoes for the dancers on the Spanish island in 1918, and due to the inherent quality of his products, the business grew quickly.

            Ursula Mascaro began studying interior design, but soon realised her love for shoes. She diverted her studies and started fashion design at the famous Marangoni Institute in Milan, Italy. In 1992 Ursula launched her own line, one of five under the family flagship. The Ursula Mascaro line places emphasis on youthful designs, and also the use of new technology and techniques in footwear. Just one example of Ms. Mascaro's experiments with technology in shoes is her evolution of the scholl ‘party feet' idea. She placed a similar gel padding inside her shoes for added comfort and support.

            The Mascaro brand is highly celebrated in Spain where it was founded, and is consistently featured in Magazines such as Spanish Harpers Bazaar and worn on the red carpet by actresses like Elsa Pataky or Sara Carbonero. The brand is also expanding into Asian, European, and American markets where it is making a name for itself as a label to follow.

            Shoes designed by Ursula Mascaro are still made in Menorca allowing her to stay true to her roots. They are handmade with the use of the finest materials and leathers. Mascaro's background in interior design is visible in the fresh ideas of her creations. She is also highly influenced by modern women, and in particular their love of glamour, to the extent that some of her shoes take inspiration directly from the women of ‘Sex and the City.'

            Every Mascaro piece is of the highest quality and has enough pizzazz and drama to appeal to the modern woman who wants a striking piece epitomising glamour and style.